Elenion’s silicon photonics solutions include optical engines optimized for line-side, client-side, and intra-data center applications that can be designed into both pluggable and on-board form factors. These optical engines achieve significant cost savings for network systems, and offer a highly compact form factor, low power operation, and high performance.

Integrated Modulator / Receiver Assembly (IMRA) for Data Center and Telecom Applications

Available today, is a monolithic Integrated Modulator / Receiver Assembly (IMRA) for high speed communications.  This coherent optical engine supports 100/200G communications for data center and telecom markets.  The small form factor enables its use in both pluggable transceiver and on-board applications.


  • Coherent transceiver 
  • Dual polarization IQ modulator (QPSK, 8QAM,16QAM)
  • Integrated intradyne receiver
  • Monolithically integrated optics using Silicon Photonics IC
  • Single laser input for both Tx and Rx
  • Includes TIAs
  • Operation over extended C-band
  • Compact form factor suitable for CFP2-ACO, CFP-DCO and On-board applications
  • Pigtailed fiber I/O’s