Prior to Elenion, Pete was with Silicon Lightwave Services (SLS), a startup acquired by Marlin Equity Partners in 2014 to continue work on silicon photonic integrated circuits for optical communications.

Before SLS, he was Assistant Vice President of Communications Technology Research at AT&T Labs, leading five research departments: Wireless Network Technologies, Wireless Communication Technologies, Optical Systems, Network Evolution and Optimization, and Mathematical Methods and Algorithms. Earlier, as Executive Director of Optical Systems Research at AT&T Labs he managed advancements of fiber communication technologies for AT&T’s entire intercity, metro and access networks including high-speed transmission systems, dynamic-wavelength networks, multi-layer network optimization and the invention of new optical test methods and equipment. For one year prior, he studied the polarization-mode dispersion (PMD) of AT&T-installed fiber and assessed the AT&T Labs optical patent portfolio.

Prior to joining AT&T Labs, Pete was Department Head for Access Research in Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies. He managed the R&D of passive optical network (PON) systems and cable modem headend equipment. Before Lucent, Pete was MTS in AT&T Bell Labs at the Crawford Hill Lab working on the characterization of advanced lasers, on optical access networks and developing protocols for packet communication over access networks.

He earned a PhD. in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has published over 80 papers on optical communications and networks, holds over 40 patents and has been a guest lecturer all over the world.