Elenion Technologies Announces Availability of Silicon Photonic Integrated Modulator / Receiver Assembly for Coherent Applications

LOS ANGELES, March 17, 2017 – Elenion Technologies (“Elenion”), an innovator in silicon photonics, today announced commercial availability of a monolithic Integrated Modulator / Receiver Assembly (IMRA). Already in production and shipping to customers, this coherent optical engine enables 100/200G communications for Data Center and Telecom markets. The small form factor enables its use in both pluggable transceiver and on-board applications.

“Today’s hyperscale bandwidth demands are driving the need for cost-disruptive economics in networking systems built upon the latest advances in discrete components. Elenion’s innovative IMRA technology is playing an important role in helping Coriant differentiate our end-to-end portfolio of purpose-built and cost- efficient optical transport, universal switching, and DCI solutions,” said Uwe Fischer, Executive Vice President, R&D and PLM, and CTO, Coriant.

At the heart of Elenion’s optical engine platform is a proprietary design environment, enabling Elenion to rapidly co-design tightly integrated electronic-photonic integrated systems. “Bringing photonics physically closer to electronics and co-designing the two subsystems can significantly improve system performance, opening tremendous new system design opportunities. Elenion’s optical engines are manufactured using the same fabrication facilities, tools, and materials used to build advanced micro-electronics, allowing us to realize high yield, reliability, and volume production. These capabilities create opportunities for a wide range of fundamentally new applications of integrated photonics. We are building high-complexity chip- scale systems that meet the cost and performance requirements of current and future applications.” said Michael Hochberg, CTO, Elenion Technologies.

“A company that has developed a platform that enables quick changes in data rates and/or modulation formats has the ability to meet the customer’s demand. Elenion is in a position to be one of these companies that can react to fast changes in the market for years to come” said Kevin Lefebvre, Principal Analyst, Optical Components, Ovum.

Elenion’s silicon photonics solutions and product roadmap include optical engines optimized for line-side, client-side, and intra-data center applications that can be integrated into both pluggable and on-board form factors. These optical engines offer a disruptive value proposition in highly compact form factors, low power operation, and high performance, while achieving significant cost savings for network systems as compared to other solutions.

Meet with Elenion at OFC 2017

In conjunction with OFC 2017 (Los Angeles, March 20-23), Elenion will be demonstrating its next- generation . To schedule a meeting, please contact David Lam silicon photonics technologies and solutions (david.lam@elenion.com).